Why Opt For React Native Framework for App Development Project?

React Native App Development

Cross-platform development is trending among developers worldwide. When it comes to cross-platform development, React Native technology is the first thing that comes to mind.

As per the reports of Statista, nearly 42% of mobile application developers prefer React Native over other framework for cross-platform mobile apps.

The reasons why React Native is so popular among developers for building mobile apps are its fast performance, flawless development, and synchronous API. These aspects and many others are helping React Native gain immense popularity across the world.

Apart from the above reasons, there are many other reasons why you need to hire an expert React Native app developer to work on the next project.

This blog would help you get into the details of the reasons why opt for React Native for App development. Before moving on to the details, let us about React Native.

React Native

It is a framework that helps you develop native apps with JavaScript. Earlier the developers used Swift/Obj-C to program mobile applications for iOS and Java to build Android-based mobile apps. With React Native, there is no need to use two different languages to develop an app for iOS and Android platforms. You can develop robust iOS and Android apps using React Native only. Also, you need a single coding language which saves time.

Reasons why opt for React Native for App development

1. Enables Cross-Platform App Development

Most developers find it time-consuming to develop apps for both iOS and Android because they need to code in two separate languages. It is not just the language they need to use different framework as well.

With React Native you can use a single platform to build robust and impressive apps over multiple platforms. If you opt for cross-platform development, you need to have proficiency with native UI libraries, native APIs, and hybrid app development.

2. Faster App Development

React Native is trending for the past half a decade now. It has a strong online community that is growing constantly.

This indicates that the developers have a lot of components available for use. This also means you don’t have to develop anything from scratch. With a single code, you can cutdown the chances of identifying the bugs in React Native app development. So, this helps create an MVPmodel for your product faster than before.  It helps you launch the MVP version of your app within less time.

3. Helps update apps without accessing the app stores

After you publish the App on the Play Store, you may trace an error that you missed out on or want to change a particular feature. Well, with native apps, to add a feature you need to repeat the development process and upload the updated version of the app to the store again. The updated app version will again have to go through the approval process on Apple/Google after which the users will have to install the updated app manually.

Fortunately, this is no more the concern with Code Push which is utilized by React Native & Apache Cordova. The app gets updated automatically in run time with App Center cloud service. This helps users view the changes without re-installing the app.

4. Offers budget-friendly solutions

Undoubtedly, React Native apps can be developed faster as it doesn’t need separate code for Android & iOS apps. It helps save time and in turn money as well. So, it turns out to be budget-friendly for start-ups to enterprises.

React Native offers economical solutions which is very important for start-ups to launch their brand and get recognition within a tight budget. So, start-ups can save money on hiring individual developers for Android and iOS platforms. The money saved can be used to hire React native developer.

5. Offers a simple process for development

React Native eradicates the complexities of the development process. It offers easy-to-use code. This framework uses the efficient UI library designed by Facebook to write code. This code is easy to understand and work with.

App development projects are demanding and React Native fulfills the different needs through simple solutions.

Hot Reload is one of the vital features of React Native. This feature allows the app developers to preview the code and how it works parallelly with coding. It helps the developers make sure that there are fewer errors and app becomes bug-free.

Talking about the hot reload app, the code can be rectified/customized while the app is uploaded. You get the freedom to inject fresh versions of the files being modified at runtime.

6. Appears like a Native App

Applications developed using React Native comprise native UI components. React Native lets your app utilize native elements in the mobile design. Hence, Apps appear and function like native apps. It enhances the overall user experience. Also, React utilizes similar building blocks for Android and iOS.

7. Similar programming language makes the process simple

When you build an app with React Native, the main code base utilizes a similar programming language for iOS and Android.

It is like developing the same app and installing the two apps on App Store and Play Store. The app can be recompiled easily without making any changes to the framework.

8. Plenty of ready-made libraries

React Native comes with tons of ready-made libraries and solutions that make the development task easier.

The testing libraries like Mocha, Enzyme, and Jest Chai assist in writing code free of bugs.  You can check the possible errors in the code with a process known as linting. ESLint is an amazing tool to check the errors in React Native. Flow and PropType tools help perform type checking faster.

The excellent tools and libraries that come with React Native help you build cloud-native apps.

9. Users get a personalized user experience(UX)

React Native was developed with the efficiency to separate Native code, Javascript code, Framework code, and styling. It enables developers to create distinct styles for the app via the serverside.

Developers can offer a personalized user experience to every user on the same app. Personalization is possible with React Native to a greater extent wherein you can personalize style for every user and user group. It helps them enjoy their own customized UX.

10. Third-party plugins

You find a lot of reusable libraries online for React Native which will increase constantly. The challenge of using the existing components, again and again, can be resolved by using 3rd party plug-ins.

React Native helps connect the plugin with a particular native module. You will find a range of options to link the processes. Well, these options support seamless running and faster loading.

11. Developer Availability

One of the main reasons to utilize React Native is the availability of developers and a large community base. You can find React Native developers easily.

Apart from the above reasons some other reasons like access to native API and easy debugging also make React Native popular among developers. Access to native API makes the development process easier. Easier debugging allows testers to test a single code for both iOS and Android. It allows them to find the bugs easily.

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