Top 5 Reasons to Implement Social-CRM Integration

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Tech explosion has evolved the customer at a significant pace. The modern customer is now proactive and smart. And they expect the same kind of approach from the brands. They want user-friendly, efficient, and stead fast CRM integrate that are easily accessible.

Brands need to remain highly communicative and create a strong social media presence. Hence, your CRM strategy must include social media as this enables you to track, benchmark, and continue to engage with your customers via their preferred communication channels.

The mighty social media can benefit your CRM business sales, marketing, and CRM integrate services strategy in so many ways. So let us get into it straight away and find out the core five reasons to combine your CRM and social channels for a better future ahead. A perfect CRM services & solution can be obtained with a perfect CRM Software Development Tool for your business.

1. Quality Customer Service and Engagement

Every business must build customer service strategies based on customer experiences. The Salesforce reports say 59% of customers choose brands based on past interactions and 82% of them remain loyal towards a particular brand due to the personalized customer care services.

Social – CRM integration enables you to have a 360-degree view of your customer from all the platforms. You can store the client details sourced from various social channels such as their issues, challenges, and product appreciation on your CRM software. This can help your team provide real-time solutions and personalized responses with a better interaction level with the clients.

Most of the customers prefer to directly interact via chat bots or social media for their unsatisfactory service or product experiences. Here, if you integrate CRM with Social media channels, you become proactive to understand your customer sentiment right away and give them real-time feedback. Also, this will enable a quicker response to the customers. They hence feel valuable and worthy enough.

2. Wider Marketing Insights and Real Analytics

The social sphere is flooded with so much valuable data and analytics. Your CRM services and CRM solution software will help you track this data and aggregate it for you to give a broader and analytical overview of buyer demographics, interests, goals, insights, and their behavior. Customer profiles are full of different information that can be analyzed from various perspectives. CRM software will help you to understand the target audience that can lead you to higher conversions in the future.

Several CRM tools are having a social listening feature. These tools monitor and analyze your brand’s social media profile to get customer feedback analysis, your brand mentioning ratio, and the conversations where you can depict the relevant keywords, trending topics, competitors, and industries they prefer. This creates an amazing impact on your business as it helps you frame the best strategy for social media, brand awareness, and social presence. You will now be all ready to build better customer relationships.

3. Provide Befitting Purchase Suggestions

Tying your CRM solution with social channels will keep you off from unnecessary research as now you will be able to suggest to your customers their future needs with greater accuracy. Your rich data will now work for you to anticipate what all is relevant to your customer.

When you will come to know your customer choices in terms of product and choosing a competitor, you can easily predict their future demands and preferences. You can now focus on framing marketing campaigns to attract these customers for the specific product and provide relevant suggestions to buy products and services.

After knowing their buying patterns and social media activity, you can target them via messaging and guide them to buy a product that can give them a precise and personal experience. This will further trigger them to purchase the product or avail a particular service.

4. Higher Conversions

Whenever you execute market expansion, you will acquire newer relationships that shall carry a higher potential. When you create a social media campaign you are using one of the most effective marketing tactics to attract new clients from across the world.

But this isn’t enough. These campaigns only turn successful when you learn to use the right time and hit the right target audience. CRM analytics simply helps you do that. It gives you seamless access to identify the most effective timings to shoot the messages to the right target group of visitors as per the contact details, previous text interactions, behavior patterns, and their habits and preferences. The more you are on social media, the more customer base you acquire.

5. Develops Brand Reputation

To gain a sustainable brand experience throughout all the channels you must learn how to integrate social media with CRM solutions. Your voice and social interactions reflect your brand persona. Your customers always appreciates a warm and caring response to their queries and concerns.

Even if a single social channel behaves like a one-sided communication platform. Just as a radio, you will begin observing a negative impact in no time. The customer would then vent out the frustration via other social channels.

And so, you must ensure that your brand voice is the people’s voice. For younger target audience you can use familiar terms and language vocabulary. Your overall identity is based on maintaining a consistent brand voice. This means, your identity on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should be the same. And you can use CRM solution to integrate all of your platforms. It gives you a centralized system that tracks all the information

Get The Right CRM Tool For Your Social Media Integration

The future of social media is all set to transform into a high engagement platform for brands and the customers. Social CRM will make organizations customer-oriented and a relationship building strategy. If you have some brilliant idea that needs to be converted, just inculcate this effective strategy to gain higher conversions and continuous engagement.

At Brainstream Technolabs, we are a team of experts who can help you develop efficient Social CRM model development.

It can serve as an ideal solution to maintain your existing customers and scale client base to a phenomenal level. Talk to our team now! Right to us or get in touch with our client service executive today!


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