Measure Risk

Risk Analyze

Customer Requirements​

The customer is an established financial consulting agency in the USA. The services offered by the agency are related to different elements in financial sector like stock exchanges, shares, project funding, surveys, and investment banking.

The main objective of the client was to simplify the financial risk analysis process for his customers and help them get recommendations related to their investment that match their investment goals.


Our challenge was to design a platform that offers the details of the financial market in form of graphs and generates reports that would help the client offer unmatched financial advice to its clients.

Our vision was to design an app that helps users calculate risks, plan their investments, calculate assets, stay updated on new market trends, stock news, market updates, and much more.

The challenge was to use relevant algorithms that offers precise calculations through an efficient cloud-based platform that allows the client to analyze the financial market and get insights into investment and risk analysis effortlessly.


Programing language : Laravel, PHP

Database : MySQL

Aws : Storage, server

3rd party : Send grid, Twilio, PDF parser, Excel reader, wk html to pdf

Laravel Advance Features : Horizon, tinker, passport

Solution offered

We developed an efficient app using Laravel framework with necessary features integrated to enable the client offer impeccable financial solutions.

Features included in the web app

Helps multiple clients join the app and reap the benefits of calculating their financial risk.

Being a productive stock market analyzer, the app allows the users create portfolios, benchmarks and assets. Also, enables investors to assess their portfolio performance and choose their benchmarks wisely. The app also allows calculate portfolio proxy.
Enables easy calculation for risks and returns to help users get fair idea before investing.
Multiple modules integrated into the app help extract information returns, stock fund reports, graphical data based on the past investment of the users.
The app helps calculate asset score and investment portfolio scores faster. The users can calculate their asset risks faster.
Multiple portfolios are compared based on performance metrics like risks, average returns, total returns and many more to help users make informed decisions before making investments.
Easy to comprehend reports helps clients get accurate information they need. They can choose the key metrics based on which they need information. Beefree plugin used to create templates to generate reports and mail.
The feature allows the users to create individual questionnaire to generate leads. The lead feature offers detailed portfolio information for different portfolios.
The feature allows users to plan their retirement wisely. The app helps calculate retirement based on assets, taxes, expenditure, inflation etc. Based on the current age of the user, expenses, earnings, future plans,  the app helps them suggest the right age to retire. It helps them know whether they can will get fixed returns or variable returns when they retire to help them plan their life properly.
Helps update several elements in the project. It automatically updates the price of stock market, stock fund returns on regular basis.

It helps the users know about multiple products offered by other companies that are similar to their current investments. It helps them decide if they have more options to invest in, get information on interest rates, premium, life time interest etc.

The feature offers historical and current data for all annuities. The data helps predict investment returns, assured minimum rates, assured income payments, etc.


This app caters to the needs of risk evaluation, portfolio risk analysis through secure and transparent reports to exhibit the investments.

The app also helps keep a track on the market trends and generate leads with a few clicks. Get access to client details and help them get customized financial solutions that meet their financial goals.

Calculating risk capacity and risk tolerance is easy through this app. The app covers everything that would help the users, clients and organizations explore, analyze and execute financial needs.