Reasons: Why Laravel Framework is Superior for Mobile App Development?

Laravel app development

To build a world-class mobile app, you need a robust and trustworthy Laravel development. It is your chosen technology that keeps your data safe and constantly checks with the smooth running of backend operations. Laravel got founded with the same thought process. The creators of Laravel technology believe in simplifying the development process. With the latest version of Laravel 5.4, the founders have reinforced the same ideology embedded with new features.

Since Laravel is a PHP framework, it has pre-defined templates that enable a quick and time-saving mobile app development process. It can form a great base for Android, iOS, and web-based app development. Simpler the development process, higher the focus on offering a gamut of features that meet up all the users’ expectations.

What are the Features of Laravel Framework?

Before we dive into the reason for understanding the superiority of the Laravel technology, let us take a glance over some of its outstanding features. Because the features are the real game-changers and make the entire developing experience and the user experience memorable.

The top features of Laravel framework are:

  • Coding Made Simpler
  • Open-source framework
  • Modular Approach
  • MVC Architecture
  • Composers
  • Object-oriented libraries
  • Quicker Time to Market
  • Community Support
  • Artisan
  • Routing System

Top Reasons to Choose Laravel Framework for Your Mobile App Development

Holding approximately 63.5 Github stars, Laravel stands out to become the perfect back-end development framework. The reason why it is so popular among developers is that it gives pre-defined architecture and customized back-end logic. Let us head on to know what are the benefits of the framework

1. App Size Flexibility

Its offer the widest flexibility in the application sizes for mobile and web app development. This feature comes from PHP that is designed to suit complex applications and simple SPAs. With the assistance of advanced caching methods, Laravel developed apps that scale easily and meet business needs.

2. Compatible Testing Options

There are two types of testing options available namely, Unit testing and Feature Testing. Unit testing allows testing elements like class models and controllers. This makes bug detection and coding problems easily solvable. This also leads to a more agile development process and contributes to cost reduction. It facilitates the future changes of the program and integrates newer elements.

3. Clear and Detailed Documentation

Laravel developers are highly efficient in gaining maximum knowledge about the framework before they begin with any project. With this phenomenon, Laravel has gradually created a solid stack of documentation for reference. Apart from the official documentation platform, the Laravel PHP framework is also available for finding valuable content and regular updates at several forums like Github.

4. Vast Pool of Talented Developers

Before you choose any backend framework for development, you need to check with the developer base adequacy. This helps when you are undergoing the process of hiring new developers for mobile app development. Also, the focus needs to be kept on the quality and skills rather than the cost-cutting strategy. Laravel has it all. It has an extensive base of talented developers who are well-qualified and highly knowledgeable.

5. Exclusive Templating Engine-Blade

Unlike other PHP framework development options, Laravel provides a dedicated templating engine named Blade that provides the views in plain PHP code. The blade views get cached until they are not modified by the user. The two biggest benefits that are attached with a blade are template inheritance and sections. This enables a clean syntax for the code and also for blending plain PHP and blade

6. Restful Routing

The Rest API accesses the CRUD model to make it easier for beginners and experienced developers. It also makes the declaration of routes in the web page quite easier resulting in around 83 percent of APIs using Rest for routing. Rest API helps developers a lot in solving issues like scalability, server security, and portability

7. Resilient ORM

One of the biggest strengths of Laravel is the Eloquent ORM. It makes the development process more effective via an object-oriented approach. The developer saves a lot of time from writing plain SQL queries for the program. ORM also gives options to the user to define the relationship in the model class itself. It easily operates with SQL, MySQL, SQLite, and Postgres.

8. Real-Time Facades

Laravel mobile app development framework helps the developers to switch over the class to the facade and remove unwanted code. The Facades turn static proxies when the user needs them and assist in forming a memorable syntax that facilitates better testing and compatibility.

9. Laravel Dusk

Laravel dusk permits the developers to test the Javascript components in their Laravel apps without any disruptions. The features do not need selenium setting up and permit the developers to perform the page interaction tests for the web applications. Laravel dusk comes with the advantage of making automated browser tests possible and displays results as the tests run.

10. Increasing Popularity of Laravel Framework

Currently, there are around 6,48,115 live websites that use the Laravel framework. And the number is spiking constantly every day. Some of the significant numbers of programs built by using the Larvel framework have become widely popular across the globe.

Apps like Barchart, Koel, Invoice Ninja, Studio Stomp, and Neighbourhood Lender are the best platforms that you can explore to check out the efficiency of creating programs with Laravel.

Final Thoughts

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