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Brainstream helps to provide the best experiences to your end-users with quality software. We make sure your product operates perfectly and enhances the lives of your customers.

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Quality assurance is not just testing a software application, but it goes beyond the definitions. It is a universal approach enabling quality assurance engineers to make sure your apps work smoothly with all their functionalities and has bug-free development solutions. With Brainstream, you can harness the top quality assurance services to develop efficient web, cloud and mobile app solutions. We have a proven track record of meeting the exact client needs. We do this on time exactly the way you want. Access our quality testing services to build high-quality digital solutions that have proven expertise to perform phenomenally at their best in all types of environments and any circumstances.

Why Do You Need Quality Assurance Service?

Quality assurance services can reduce development costs, improve time-to-market and optimize technical and business risks. It simplifies the complexities of your quality assurance testing requirements. A perfect quality assurance services provider ensures to revamp QA and testing focusing on intelligent processes meant for your business.
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Advantages of Quality Assurance:

It saves your money and effort by finding out potential bugs or issues that occur in future.

It prevents corporate emergencies like system blackouts or communication breakdown.

Boosts the client’s confidence by running applications smoothly and seamlessly.

It creates more profit avenues by determining the selling perspectives in future.

Improves customer satisfaction by enhancing the reputation of the company.

It promotes efficiency and productivity by enabling the company to operate smoothly.

What We Do:

Providing Full-Spectrum of Quality Assurance and Testing Solutions

CRM Implementation

Web App Testing

Our web app testing services are diverse and unique covering SaaS to cloud-based solutions. While doing web quality assurance and testing, we check various issues like traffic stress, security breaches, compatibility, and integration problems.

CRM Migration

Mobile App Testing

You must ensure your mobile app works seamlessly across all devices and platforms giving user-centric experiences. With mobile app testing, we take care of the quality, security and usability of your mobile app.

CRM Customization

Enterprise App Testing

Our enterprise app testing services are aligned with agile models ensuring cost reductions, reduced cycle time by using standardization, automation, and reusable components to enhance software efficiency and accuracy.

CRM Integration

Software Testing

With our software testing services, we aim to ensure that your software completely meets its requirements and user expectations. We have a full range of QA services within the deadlines to help our customers provide best quality software.

CRM Custom Module

User Experience Testing

Our user experience testing services ensure that you go beyond what needs to be delivered. We make sure users get intuitive experiences that they will love and the application functions flawlessly improving conversion ratios.

Custom Dashboard

Automation Testing

We cover all the major testing services here including web, mobile, app, and UI functionality testing. From desktop, software performance, database and data verification, web-based hybrid or native apps, we cover everything here.

End-to-End Testing

Our services are extended by providing end-to-end testing that includes testing your entire social, mobile, cloud and analytics ecosystem. We perform comprehensive omnichannel testing services over all the digital value chain ranging from mobile and web UI functionality to cloud infrastructure. We harness the available frameworks and boilerplates to amplify testing processes.

Quality Assurance Testing Services

Security Testing

We ensure brand protection and client retention with our high-performing security testing services. Our cloud application security testing expertise is for all the web, mobile, client-server, and desktop apps. We trace the vulnerabilities in apps, make sure app risks get minimized, and benchmark software code for enhancing quality assurance.

quality security testing services

Compatibility Testing

With our compatibility testing services, Brainstream assures applications to run seamlessly across multiple browsers, mobiles, databases, servers, different versions, configurations, hardware, and display resolutions. We have an exclusive compatibility testing team who are equipped with the latest knowledge on peripherals and Operating systems.

quality assurance Compatibility Testing

We Use Best Technologies & Tools

Our technology stack has the chosen tools and techniques that have proven records of ensuring your apps run smoothly and seamlessly with zero errors and bugs.
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Our Expertise

Enabled with the most sorted skills and expertise at your exposure, Brainstream aims to help organizations release bug-free digital products

Performance Testing

Ensuring speed, scalability, stability, reliability, response time, and resource usage within defined workloads and capacities

Functional Testing

We assure the software quality to make your applications function in the manner your users want them to every time

Manual Testing

We check the performance of your product applied on various devices and analyze its user interface and challenges

Usability Testing

We check the software usability based on the ISO standards making sure it is user-friendly and gives high-performance

Accessibility Testing

Providing fair access for people who are physically challenged with vision, hearing and motor disabilities

Cross Browser Testing

We compare and analyze your website behavior in various browser environments and ensure your website credibility

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