Oro CRM Solution

Oro CRM development to get a customer-centric and feature-packed solution that can be customized to meet your business requirements.

OROCRM solution helps you get insights into customer behavior in an omnichannel setup. It is an effective open-source platform that offers countless options for customization.

Manage your customer data with a single interface with ORO CRM development solutions offered by Brainstream

oro crm development solution

Our unique ORO CRM Solution, allows you to manage customer data through a single web interface. We let you sync & update the customer profiles through data extracted from multiple channels thereby eliminating the chances of duplication of data.

ORO CRM helps you extract the details of your customer interactions over multiple points of contact. It allows your team to understand the customers better. We help you integrate ORO CRM into your workflow to determine different activities related to marketing, sales, and many more.
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Hire ORO CRM developers available in our crew to integrate efficient ORO CRM features into your business model. They deliver complete ORO CRM customization to boost your business. We ensure that ORO CRM integration into your business processes helps enhance profits, efficiency, and customer relationships.

How Does ORO CRM Help Your Business?

Oro CRM Flawless Customization

Flawless Customization

ORO CRM is a useful open-source solution that facilitates flawless customization to meet your business needs. The software helps youunderstand and manage the customers, their complaints, and marketers to assess the customer’s needs and tastes. The software helps you analyze the pain points to improve further and generate leads.

Get Insights into Customer Needs

Whether you want to manage marketing or sales process, ORO CRMallows you to get insights into customer requirements. The extensivefunctionality of this software offers flexibility to help your businessadapt to the required customizations. You get the liberty tocustomize the solution completely to suit your business needs.
oro crm get Insights into Customer Needs
oro crm functions to Build any Custom App

Functions to Build any Custom App

You can build any custom app using the functions of ORO CRM foryour business. Organizations can adapt to the existing apps using ORO customization. The customizations are efficient enough to enclose targeted campaigns for the business. ORO CRM helps build a custom workflow for any structure. It allows businesses to build processes that are suitable for their business.

How ORO CRM Helps Your
Business Grow?

Whether you are running a multi-channel business or a single store on B2C, B2B, or both, our ORO CRM solutions offer flexibility to identify the business requirement and workflow.
oro crm development

Extraordinary Features to Boost Conversions

We offer efficient ORO CRM software with plenty of features that help increase sales, optimize conversion, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Get Insights to Complete Customer Behavior

With the help of ORO CRM Integration into your business workflow, you can track the leads that can be converted into opportunities and opportunities that can convert into leads. You can understand the behavior of the customers to offer an excellent customer experience.

Helps Sales Teams & Managers

With the help of robust ORO CRM software, your sales and marketing team can keep a track of potential and unqualified leads. They can also track available opportunities as well as closed ones to get precise forecasting on the sales channel.

Create result-oriented Marketing campaigns

It helps businesses create result-oriented marketing campaigns for specific locations, customer groups, industries, etc. You can categorize customer lists using informative data through ORO CRM to make sure you promote the right product to the right customer.

Helps Customer Support Team

Businesses can organize customer data through a single view. The customer support team would be able to see all orders placed, support tickets submitted, and customer interactions through a single interface. It helps the customer support staff to have all the information ready to answer customer queries and handle their complaints.

Our all-inclusive ORO CRM Services

We offer a wide range of ORO CRM development services to control and automate different business operations. With the help of OROCRM App Integration, you can consolidate customer data online. Streamlined data will help you boost the efficiency of sales regardlessof what niche your business belongs to and the budget you have in mind.

We offer services that make a difference to your business and help you gain customers’ trust. Our services include:
oro crm consulting

CRM Consulting

We offer CRM consulting services to customers to integrate ORO CRM seamlessly into their system. We suggest CRM solutions thatmatch your business needs.

oro crm integration services

CRM Implementation

Our expert developers are well-versed with services like custom ORO CRM for e-commerce integrations, email marketing integration, module/extension integration, theme integration along with premium customization to match your business needs.

oro crm mobile app development

CRM Mobile Apps

The mobile apps help users access CRM tools from almost anywhere from any device. CRM mobile apps allow you to improve CRM data. Today, every business needs mobile CRM, hence we offer robust mobile CRM applications to let your business earn more profits.

custom oro crm development

Custom CRM Development

Based on your business needs, we deliver custom CRM developmentthat automates your business processes, organizes deals, and offer transparency and an excellent customer experience. Whether you

oro crm migration services

CRM Migration services

We can help you migrate & extract data from your existing software system. With the help of our business analysts, we analyze your specific business needs to deliver solutions that let you make the most of CRM and make sure there are no delays in deployment or no downtime.

custom oro crm software modules development

Custom CRM Software Modules Development

We are well-versed in the development and integration of distinct CRM modules like log management, real-time data analysis, productivity & KPI tracking, performance analysis & monitoring, lead generation & reporting task creation & monitoring.

Oro CRM Implementation

CRM Integration Service

We integrate CRM software into corporate solutions or other 3rd party systems. We build single customer view software with channel analysis, task tracking, sales predictions, detailed reports, etc.

Oro CRM Database Management Solution

CRM Database
Management Solution

Our crew of expert developers build CRM databases like document/record management, contact management, and search functions and embed multiple databases to let you use your dataefficiently and get useful insights into customer behavior to make wise decisions.

Oro CRM Maintenance

CRM Support &

With our complete CRM maintenance & upgrade service, we ensure that your CRM software is updated at all times and is always up and running. We offer round-the-clock service to resolve the challenges and issues you come across with our CRM software.


We use OROApiBundle for ORO CRM Web API Development. It offers
the power to interpret API in YAML configuration files across all formats
and standards. The state-of-the-art bundle encloses REST API that
facilitates CRUD operation assistance for ORM entities.

We use NelmioApiDocBundle to generate Swagger API documents. It helps
us call, test, and review direct APIs with the help of UI view.

Vtiger CRM is effective software that boosts sales and improves the customer experience. It facilitates flawless communication with the customers.

API is ideal for all styles of communication. With its lightweight design, it is quite useful for different gadgets having strained transmission roles. For example, smartphones. It offers assistance for:
- HTTP/s protocol
- URL Request or Response Headers etc

API supports JSON and XML. You can host Web API on self and IIS only.

Integrate flexibility and a new approach into your business with Brainstream. We are a reputable web API development company, with efficient API development & integration services that deliver seamless connectivity.

API development

Embrace a secure, faster, and smooth development that assures premium mobile apps with higher customer engagement.

Whether you want to revamp your current app or develop a new one from scratch, we have a talented crew of API programmers, API experts, and developers from India to assist you to fulfill your API requirements.

With extensive experience in web API development, our team is efficient enough to build high-performing APIs to create business-centric web apps, mobile apps & processes with basic architectures like web services, REST, event-driven, hyper-media with API development. standards like -OAuth2, OpenID Connect, etc which makes the API development process much easier.

Our main objective is to help your business manage customer data and use it to increase productivity.

Our main objective is to help your business manage customer dataand use it to increase productivity. Our ORO CRM solutions help automate repetitive tasks and centralize customer data. It makes your work effortless thereby saving time and resources. You can save on overall operational costs too.

We assist small to big companies streamline all businesses from sales to delivery to enhance customer experience. With automation of report generation to business management, we help you take your business to new heights of success.

oro crm

Unleash the Power of ORO Commerce
for Your E-commerce Business

ORO Commerce is the right fit for mid to large-sized enterprises willing to enhance their web presence in the digital world.

oro commerce

Launch e-store successfully

BrainStream helps e-commerce businesses enter the online domain with confidence and launch their e-store successfully with ORO CRM.

For both B2C and B2B

Brainstream serves B2B commerce distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and multi-channel brands (sell both B2C and B2B) across different verticals.

Flawless transactions between customers

Whether you are a start-up or an established brand, ORO Commerce solutions offers you a seamless platform for flawless transactions between consumers.

It Helps You:

Build a strong online presence

You can integrate features like online ordering, and online catalogs and offer hassle-free shipping options along with multiple payment options.

Unconventional customer experience

Create an exceptional customer experience with premium and flexible tools. Help your business make the most of the ultra-modern approach to serving customers.

Connect with business systems

You can integrate the software with existing business systems. Integrate microservices elements to tune with your business needs

Your In-house team can most of the innumerable benefits offered by ORO commerce.

Irrespective of the niche, every business can make the most of the innumerable benefits offered by ORO commerce.

Executive leaders can enjoy structured operations along with the liberty to discover new opportunities, earn profits and grow with the organization. Executive personnel can benefit from a centralized KPI dashboard and powerful reporting module to get insights into company performance.


The marketing team can expand their marketing creativity which includes drafting and handling the entire content. They get the opportunity to customize the buying experience for every customer. The marketing team can customize almost anything from pricing,catalog, discounts, and shipping options to promotions and much more. The team can get the analytics using local reporting features & plugins like Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce.

Sales Team

The sales team can leverage integrated CRM that comprises a panoramic view of the customers. The team can be proactive and create orders, manage quotes, and sales channels and also place orders on customers’ behalf, and much more through all-inclusive mobile responsive features.


The tech team can boost profitability through open-source solutions installed to connect the organization. The ORO commerce solution offers the flexibility of customization & configuration which automates the manual workflow.

ORO Commerce Features
that Make it an Outstanding
Platform for Businesses to

Our Expertise with ORO CRM
and ORO Commerce

Premium Symfony-based CRM- Get high-level Symfony security support with ORO commerce or ORO CRM.

Admin can view user’s products through the admin section

Post Twitter page automatically for new product release

Bulk SMS services

Integrated Google reCAPTCHA – A fraud detection feature for contact and signup to prevent fraud spam and attacks.

Post LinkedIn page automatically for new product release

Theme customization

WhatsApp integration

Customer module- To help frontend users to create and manage their products

Post Facebook page automatically for new product release

Bulk/mass email service

The time to finish the CRM integration project depends on the app’s complexity and your requirements. After knowing about your requirements, our team would evaluate the requirements and give you a timeline and estimated cost for your project.
Certainly, we offer after-sales support to enhance your app performance. We are updated with the latest trends and updates. This helps us update your CRM app constantly. We ensure that your CRM solution is always up and running.

Yes. Our developers will send you the details on the progress of your project at frequent intervals. We also welcome your suggestions and ask for your feedback throughout the entire project cycle. It help us
deliver relevant solutions to our across globe clients.

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