Music Licensing Platform for Creators and Their Audience

A subscription-based platform that helps agencies, global brands and independent filmmakers find the most expressive music from the esteemed and exciting musicians in the world.

MusiCan chose Brainstream to create a scintillating platform that can inspire and stir the emotions of the audiences with a carefully curated music catalog made up of world-class artists. Our latest technology expertise helped the company to find the perfect track for creators, musicians, filmmakers and create outstanding music from super-rich featured tools and thematic playlists.

Our Role and Responsibilities

Providing Powerful Features

Intuitive Interface with Filters, Search, Styles, and More Features

We developed the most intuitive UI embedded with maximum filtration and categorization for the users to find the most expressive and worthwhile music without paying much time.

Pay-Per-Use License for Particular Track

Helping the client to pull organic traffic that believes in creating original and licensed. Users can pay and download a particular track without constraining them for any subscription.

Create Monthly Or Yearly Subscription

Seamless design and functionality solutions to help users understand and make use of subscription models with ease and simplicity.

Create Playlist and Add to Favorite Features

Incorporated the latest technologies that support a gamut of playlists and albums created by thousands of artists and musicians. Provided user-friendly UI to enable users to create and listen to their favorite playlist and save it to the favorite list for future purchases.

Artist can Submit Music and Earn Based on Generated License

We developed a comprehensive platform where artists submit their music creations, earn, and get exposure. We helped MusiCan build a license structure where artists get fairly reimbursed for each generated license.

Encouraging Interactions with Mobile Friendly Design

With our behavior expertise, we created a mobile-friendly experience that helps MusiCan to be relevant to the users and their habits. Our engaging UX, we stimulated the users to work upon their creative curious selves and come out with that outstanding music performs.

License and Subscription Plans Designed for Hobbyists to Big Brands

Our tech experts provided immersive technology solutions to the client enabling them to offer a range of subscription plans for small and large-scale productions like content marketing, wedding films, corporate videos, advertising, and informative content.

01. Creator Subscription

We supported MusiCan to promote their core business development features by way of building a simple UI of subscription plan models.


Permitted Users and Content

Permitted Distribution

02. Pro Subscription

MusiCan was able to inspire, motivate and entertain the audience by showcasing their Pro Subscription Plan in the most attractive yet simple way.


Permitted Users and Content

Permitted Distribution

03. Pay-Per-Use License

We helped MusiCan to attract large-scale production houses dealing in brand promotion, moviemaking, podcasting, videography, or undertaking bigger educational projects to create licensed music.


The Content is promoting, advertising or serving any other function for a brand, product or service.

Film, Documentary, Show, Programming

The Content is of an entertaining, educational, informative or artistic nature.

Personal, Vlog, Indie Channel, Podcast

The Content for own online channel, social media account or website where the production budget is less than $500 per video/episode.

Wedding, Life Moments

The Content is covering a personal occasion including weddings, engagements, anniversaries and birthdays.

Non-Profit Organisation

The Content is promoting or otherwise serving any other function for a non- profit organisation including registered charities, churches and non-profit schools/universities.

Student Project

The Content has been created by an actively enrolled student at a recognized educational institution, specifically for a course assignment.

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