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Get increased business agility, scalability, and reduced infrastructure cost with Microsoft Azure Cloud Development services

Microsoft Azure cloud Development services USA, UK, Canada

Build whatever you want for your business

Switch to Azure to build and install apps faster. Secure your brand apps, modernize them and move to a cloud-native code for rapid business growth.

As a trusted Azure Application Development Company in India equipped with trained Azure developers in managing Azure cloud services, our crew helps you get perfect features & functions from IoT to Artificial Intelligence, enterprise mobility solutions, and many more to grow your online business.

Why choose Azure Cloud Applications for your enterprise?

Enhanced apps help business transform and get desired outcomes. Azure Development Services offer more benefits to enterprises which include happy customers, faster time-to-market, and higher revenues. Azure helps employees make smart and fast decisions through easy access to data. Technology comes with a lot of benefits to enterprises.

microsoft azure cloud services in India, USA, UK, Canada

Improved Speed

Speed is crucial for all businesses for operations, deployment, and scalability. You can use Azure services to scale apps to meet the changing demands of your business. Azure offers an incredible speed that helps your business offer an unmatched experience to the end users.

Anytime Anywhere Deployment

Microsoft Azure offers secure hardware that caters to the needs of the clients with practices and examples that should be performed for a specific business model. Azure proves to be an all-inclusive cloud solution that empowers brands to choose their data storage and transformation without any hassles.

Azure Anytime Anywhere Deployment services india
Azure computing services in India, USA, Canada, UK


Cost is always a concern for many businesses. Azure is an affordable solution as enterprises do not need to spend on new infrastructure, machines, or change declining servers. Other than the benefit of SaaS apps, Azure also cuts down the infrastructure, administration, and maintenance costs of your IT set-up.

Azure provides convenient expenditure which means pay-as-you-use.


Security is one of the main elements of every firm these days. Microsoft understands how important security feature is for businesses. Hence, it has primarily focussed on data protection.

Azure considers plenty of security options which include encrypted data and encryption of links. Extra services like failure recovery features and multi-factor authentication features can restore your data faster helping your business meet data protection needs.

Azure cloud Security services

Services offered for Azure Development

Integration & Migration Services

Shifting your online business to the Azure cloud is a hassle-free and simple task to increase efficiency, growth, and opportunity. Although it is a simple process, it needs proper planning and execution. It is about a flawless process where vital elements of Azure development, implementation & migration should be considered.

Our certified Azure developers offer seamless migration helping you attain your business objectives faster which includes cloud, automation, enterprise cloud adoption, and CloudOps.

Azure cloud Integration & Migration Services
azure cloud monitoring services

Azure Monitoring and Management Services

With the help of our developers and system administrators, we use Azure management tools to run your set-up and hybrid cloud resources in the best possible way on the cloud and on-premises.

Our Microsoft Azure cloud development and management services help you track the performance, infrastructure, configuring resources, provisioning, updating apps, analysis threats, bug fixing, maintaining databases, fixing updates, disaster recovery, automating processes, monitoring resource usage, generating reports, and maximizing resources through entire software lifecycle. We help you make the most of the cloud and implement it in your existing system.

Azure Cloud Security

Azure Cloud Security

We offer you a strong base to meet your security needs. Azure is the perfect option for public cloud solutions that backs a wide array of operating systems, devices, frameworks, tools, and programming languages. You can run JavaScript, .NET, and Linux with Docker integration, and also build backends for Windows server, iOS, and Android integration.

Azure Database Development

Azure Database Development

Our Azure developers help you save time and cost by integrating automated infrastructure with security, availability, and scalability. We focus on building apps while Azure-supported databases, organize your workflow by managing security issues, unmasking performance details with integrated intelligence, and accelerating growth without any obstacles.

Azure Enterprise Mobility Services

Azure Enterprise Mobility Services

Hire Azure Developers to get enterprise mobility to access enterprise applications on the cloud. We work in connection with Azure rights management assistance while providing secure enterprise mobility. With developers and Azure Consulting Services, you can see a drastic boost in your business productivity. You can create a modern workplace by introducing mobility in Microsoft Azure applications.

Why Choose us for Microsoft Azure Development?

At Brainstream, as a reputed Azure Development Company in India, we offer the designing & deployment of apps to meet your business needs. We build mobile & web apps by utilizing the excellent features of Azure.

Our certified developers have a better understanding of Azure development and multiple technologies.

Why Choose Us

Custom Solution

Using Microsoft’s cloud platform, we deliver customized cloud-native applications that help you meet business goals. We support you all through the cloud transformation process right from planning to implementation and management.

Enough Experience

As a professional Microsoft cloud development company, we hold enough experience in Azure solutions. We can assist you with cloud adoption and migration to create advanced business apps.

Certified Developers

Our expert Azure developers have specialization in designing, developing, deploying, and managing functions and features for cloud apps across different verticals.


Some features that help Azure excel over other solutions are

  • Affordability with Microsoft
  • Enterprise Agreement
  • Hybrid consistency
  • Supports .NET
  • An enhanced platform for service options
Microsoft Azure cloud platform comes with a variety of built-in services to embed and manage business setups. It needs experienced cloud solution engineers, architects, and administrators to utilize the robust features to let you manage your business operations seamlessly.

Once you connect with us, we will start working on the project. The estimated time to complete your project depends on your business requirements. After analyzing your project needs, we will help you know the estimated time.

We offer support for all the apps we build and we are always there to sort out the issues if you find any. We also help you with new improvements to your mobile app.

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