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Get a customer-centric and feature-rich solution that can be customized to meet your business needs.

Laravel web Development company in India

Looking for the Perfect Solution for your Business Venture?

Well, Laravel is the perfect framework and solution for all types of business apps from CRM to e-commerce software from SaaS-based applications to CMS.

A lot of amazing packages are developed using Laravel which enables faster development and scalable solutions.

Laravel is the trending framework, which is easy to comprehend and comes with versatile development features and amazing controllers. The laravel development solutions enable seamless back-end development for websites and mobile apps. Laravel comes with a set of amazing features, easy-to-code syntax, an easy learning curve, and perfect tools. This is the reason the framework is the preferred framework of most web developers.

Discover the Countless Benefits of Laravel Development Services.

Laravel is the first choice of developers and businesses. The framework comprises multiple components.

Laravel helps develop business apps that fulfill a range of distinct business needs. Hence, businesses hire Laravel developers to build business apps to work on their B2B projects, SaaS-based applications, or business apps like CRM with the help of flexible Laravel development services.

MVC laravel development services Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt

Composer based MVC

Laravel relies on an MVC structure that offers unmatched performance, comprehensive documentation, and infinite inbuilt functionalities.

Robust ORM

The powerful ORM offers simple methods to equate with the database. The development process gets simpler and faster with an object-oriented approach.

Open-Source Platform

Laravel framework is an open-source PHP framework that allows you to build web apps with the help of MVC structure.

Routing Management

Building request URLs for your web app is made easy through routing. Interestingly, the URL produced is user-friendly and SEO-friendly.

Excellent Cache Management

Laravel has a built-in cache management feature. It is a methodology that helps store data for future reference and enables faster running of the apps.

Highly Secure

It is not just about making your web app live. You need to ensure that it is protected before it goes live. With Laravel, you don’t have to worry about security.
Laravel Routing Management Services Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt
Laravel Staunch Template Engine

Staunch Template Engine

Laravel encloses a blade which is a robust template engine. Even plain PHP codes can be used in this template.

Backed by Strong PHP Community

Laravel is backed by a strong community where a lot of individuals can help each other to resolve issues.

Ideal Atmosphere for Development

Laravel proves to be the complete framework for web app development. It offers an excellent user experience and better functionality.

Laravel Development Services

Being an expert Laravel development company, Brainstream offers end-to-end Laravel development services for Dubai, Kuwait, USA, UK, India, Qatar clients that help your business get scalable solutions.

Laravel Extension Development

Laravel Web App Development

Our team of Laravel experts build seamless and robust and feature-rich web apps that increase your business revenues. We help you through all stages from ideation to app development so that you launch a web app that meets the needs of your target audience.

Laravel e-commerce development

Laravel e-Commerce Development

Laravel is popular for its countless features. Undoubtedly, being a secure and scalable framework, it allows faster and easier development. We can help you make the most of Laravel for your e-commerce store to gain online recognition and more customers.

Laravel Extension Development

Laravel Extension Development

Get premium Laravel extensions to fulfill your business requirements. Our expert Laravel developers can design e-commerce/payment extensions. They have practical experience in creating impeccable extensions that meet your business needs.

Laravel Customization

Laravel Customization

Our devoted Laravel developers have vast experience in building custom web & mobile apps for all industries. With us, you will also get a niche-centric solution to cater to the individual needs of your business.

Laravel API Development

Laravel API Development

When it comes to API creation, Laravel proves to be the ideal choice. We can make use of different methodologies like creating a PWA to incorporate an online shopping app or CRM etc. API proves to be useful in different sectors like carrying our CRUD operations, customer authentication, etc. With web API, you can also integrate your app to cater to the default content.

Migration in Laravel

Migration in Laravel

If you want to change your current code to Laravel to get scalable, feature-loaded, and high-performing web solutions, our team of Laravel PHP Developers can assist in migrating a PHP app to a Laravel-based website. The new website using Laravel will comprise similar features, functionalities, and mobile responsiveness as the actual website.

Third-Party API integration in Laravel

Planning to include some 3rd party apps/plugins in the Laravel app? Our crew of Laravel developers will help you accomplish the task to enhance the overall user experience and the features of your web app.

Are you looking to build a website using PHP and utilize different 3rd party APIs just like Laravel payment gateway integration? Well, you have opted for the best framework – Laravel to incorporate APIs. It is because of the simple routing of API endpoints.

Also, Laravel backs multiple 3rd party solutions like Paypal, Mailchimp, AWS, Zendesk, etc., Our Laravel programmers can help you develop any HTTP-based APIs to match your requirements.

Mobile app backend development in Laravel Dubai, Kuwait

Mobile app Backend Development in Laravel

Laravel is one of the trending frameworks used for mobile app development services as well. It provides a bunch of built-in libraries that facilitate easier app development. Laravel is the preferred framework of a lot of companies for app development. We deliver mobile apps based on Laravel to ensure data security and flawless back-end operations.

Why Choose us for
Laravel Development?

Brainstream is one of the leading Laravel Development Companies that follow smart SDLC methodology to deliver enterprise-grade solutions utilizing the Laravel framework. We are a one-stop destination for all your Laravel development needs. The founder of our organization is a Laravel expert with in-depth knowledge of working with this framework for the past 10 years.

All-inclusive Services

We believe in offering all-inclusive services at a competitive price so that all businesses irrespective of size and type can leverage the Laravel framework and its benefits and we follow a transparent development method where our clients can interact with us to share their feedback and suggestions. We focus on the timely submission of the projects.

Custom Development

We help you avail of Laravel Custom Application Development solutions, irrespective of the complexity of your business need, we utilize all the latest technologies and bespoke tools help you attain business goals.

Proven Experience

We can share the references of our existing and dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, UK, USA, India and global past clients to help you know about their experience with us. We offer unparallel benefits like rapid turnover and strong extending dimensions with different bundles and modules of robust Laravel framework.


Yes. Laravel allows you to get a scalable app as it comes with amazing features like cache support, session drivers, cloud storage, etc. It entirely depends on the model and infrastructure available to develop scalable applications. Our professional developers have expertise in creating scalable Laravel apps.

Yes. Laravel is a powerful framework that is pretty fast than normal PHP. Laravel is used to develop highly customized web apps and websites. It is an open-source framework that makes use of the MVC model.

Well, the price for Laravel development depends on the project requirements. The costs depend on the complexity of the project and its size. Also, the cost depends on the number of features you wish to include in your app/website.
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