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Why Shopware Proves to be the Ideal Platform for Building your Online Store?

Shopware is a popular e-commerce platform that comes with amazing features and functions that help your e-commerce business adapt to the changing needs of modern consumers in this digital world. It offers scalability, convenience, and usability with tons of features to create stunning and efficient online stores for India, Germany, USA, Switzerland & Global clients.

Before you pick the right e-commerce platform, make sure you consider your business objectives. It is important to focus on your product line and understand your target audience.

Here is What You Get by Choosing Shopware Development Services to Create Your Online Store.

SEO and Marketing

SEO and Marketing

Shopware has plenty of integrated SEO-optimization features which help you sell services and products right from the first day of your e-commerce business. It helps cement its position in Google search results with a built-in SEO feature.

Boosts Scalability

One of the main benefits of choosing custom Shopware e-commerce website development solutions is that it fits the business needs of both shoppers and retailers. Also, it cuts down the overall development costs and reduces the issues that arise during the entire development journey.
Boosts Scalability
B2B Functionality

B2B Functionality

B2B businesses always get an edge over others through unique Shopware services. You will get tons of themes that can be customized by the customers and a user-friendly interface to create an e-store.

Multi-Language Support

Shopware helps your e-store hit the global market through exceptional multilingual support and enhancements introduced in SEO algorithms. You get the flexibility to
Multi-Language Support
Multiple Sales Channels on Shopware

Multiple Sales Channels

Shopware enables you to establish your online store by integrating multiple platforms to connect with your potential buyers. You can easily create brand awareness for your e-store by using the features and functions offered by Shopware. It helps you gain loyal customers for your online store.

Ongoing Support

To help your e-store gain and create its identity in the e-commerce domain, you need to update it with the latest versions, features, and technologies. It helps you offer an unmatched experience to the customers consistently.

In case your e-store encounters any issues, you need technical assistance to sort out the issue instantly. It is an important aspect as an e-store running into an issue can lose potential buyers and their trust in your online store.

Ongoing Support

Services offered for Shopware Development

Once you decide to choose Shopware for your e-commerce business, you get a highly secure, robust, and functional online store.

Brainstream, a leading Shopware Development Company, can help you build a fully-customized e-store with the help of our expert tech professionals. We help you get unmatched Shopware development solutions which include, migration, plug-in development, customization, theme development, etc.

With the help of certified and expert developers, you can make the most of the Shopware platform that offers custom & all-inclusive mobile commerce solutions.

Symfony Integration Services

Shopware Third-Party Integration

Certainly, your e-store reflects your vision and brand and once you opt for Shopware, it fulfills the specific needs of your business. We offer Shopware integration solutions that allow you to integrate 3rd party functionalities and shopware extensions that enable your online store to meet your business vision.

Symfony Migration Services

Shopware Migration Services

Are you thinking about Shopware migration? Do not worry as we assist you to create the relevant plan for migration and move your online store seamlessly from a distinct platform to Shopware.

Shopware Speed Optimization

Shopware Speed Optimization

Handling loading issues with multiple stores is part of our proficiency. We have made the required changes to enhance the performance of e-stores. We conduct a thorough analysis of your online store and identify the root cause to offer the right solution.

Symfony App Development

Shopware 5, 6 Development services

Shopware 5 and 6 turn out to be robust, highly flexible, scalable, and open-source e-commerce platforms. It helps you create online stores faster. Also, Shopware fulfills all your online store needs as well as clients’ needs.

Shopware Theme Customization

Shopware Theme Customization

We understand that every client has different business needs. To accomplish individual business needs our developers help avail our custom Shopware theme development solutions. You will have a unique e-store that would reflect your brand.

Shopware Payment Integration

Shopware Payment Integration

Certainly, you want to have several payment methods to perform transactions through your online store. Isn’t? Irrespective of the location or payment limitations we help you perform transactions without any processing issues. We work hard to deliver seamless payment integration services.

Symfony Custom Theme Integration

UX UI Design Solution

If you are planning to focus on customer retention, you need to ensure that UI & UX should be impressive to launch a successful online store. Our Shopware development team creates innovative designs and user-friendly interfaces that reflect your brand story.

Shopware Plug-in Development

Plug-in Development

Keep your e-store updated by adding creative functionalities. By integrating useful plug-ins into your store, you can keep your online store updated. At Brainstream, we design & develop plugins using built-in configuration which helps you customize the Shopware platform to suit your e-store needs.

Custom Shopware eCommerce Website Development

We help you design elegant e-commerce platforms with Shopware. You will always get an amazing platform that contributes towards the growth of your business each time you hire a Shopware developer.

We use an integrated format that covers every element of Shopware development to offer a flawless shopping experience. Our proficient tech professionals have expertise in delivering Shopware development services to a huge network of clients and shaping their businesses to reach new heights of success to India, Germany, USA, Switzerland and Global client. We deliver SEO-friendly stores that help you get online recognition for your store within a short span.

Shopware development for PIM Integration

PIM Integration

We make Shopware’s e-commerce & Pimcore (PIM) integration easy. You can merge apps on your own through a user-friendly interface with Alumio’s no-code integration.

It will help you track, manage and alter your process through a single interface and gain complete control over data. You will also get a thorough analysis of store performance.

The Shopware platform also facilitates better management of product data. PIM solution like Pimcore helps you meet the increasing store requirements.

POS System

The Shopware POS (point of sale system) helps the sales agents to handle both online and retail stores. The sales agents can generate orders for the products. Hence, we help you integrate this module to keep a track of orders and manage inventory and customers.

Shopware POS System services for Germany, USA, Switzerland clients
Shopware Mobile Commerce development

Mobile Commerce

There is a huge demand for Shopware mobile commerce among users. It is gaining momentum and is essential for websites and mobile apps to boost revenue. We help design impressive and responsive mobile apps to let your customers enjoy an amazing shopping experience.

Why Choose us for
Shopware Development?

Shopware One-stop Solution

One-Stop Solution

Brainstream is a one-stop solution for all your Shopware development needs. We offer premium custom Shopware web development solutions with the help of our committed Shopware CMS developers.

Vast Experience

With the vast experience of our proficient crew of Shopware developers, we deliver high-quality Shopware development services that include API integration, plugin development, theme development, portal development, migration, upgrading, POS system, PIM Integration, POS System, Payment Integration and Mobile commerce.

Shopware Team of Professional
Team of Professional

Our team of professional Shopware developers understands the elements that help you run a successful e-store irrespective of the products or services you offer. Hence, we help you attain your business objectives effortlessly.


Yes, We can help you with migrating from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6, you’re in good hands. Our team specializes in seamless transitions and has successfully provided premium migration services to numerous clients.

Shopware is a powerful e-commerce platform. It supports an API-centric plan and builds added plug-ins to integrate 3rd party apps without any hassles.

Certainly, Shopware can be used for B2B commerce as it comprises a B2B suite. Also, tons of Shopware extensions available are ideal for B2B commerce.

No. Shopware doesn’t offer a tailor-made mobile app. But, Shopware API can be used to build mobile apps.

Yes. We can help you migrate to Shopware from a different e-commerce platform. We have offered premium migration services to our clients. Here are the migration services we can help you with:

  • Drupal to Shopware
  • WordPress to Shopware
  • Shopify to Shopware
  • OpenCart to Shopware Migration etc.
  • WooCommerce to Shopware
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