Flutter App Development

Create Agile and unmatched native Android and iOS apps with Flutter, a fast-paced framework for cross-platform app development services.

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Why Should You Choose Flutter App Development?

Streamline your business operations using platform-independent advanced Flutter Apps with native-like look and feel. Embrace high stability, native performance and easy to maintain Flutter Apps to scale your business.

Discover the Countless Benefits of Flutter App Development Services

Here are some benefits that make Flutter App Development services the ideal choice for businesses

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Integrated Application Builder

Yet another benefit of Flutter App Development is its integrated app builder. It comes with plenty of pre-built UI elements that developers can customize and merge. The developers get the flexibility with this application builder to bring their creativity onto a screen. They can weave their ideas to offer unmatched Flutter App Development Solutions and Services for USA, UK, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India Clients.

Hot Reloading

It is an amazing feature that offers organized cross-platform app development. This feature allows the developers to make changes faster and they can work on instant tweaks quickly. It helps them assemble the updated components within less time. The faster approach in turn makes the development process easier and simplifies bug fixing.
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Codebase Sharing

One of the vital benefits of Flutter-based apps is the code-sharing feature wherein the apps share the code between different platforms like iOS, Android, etc. It eliminates the need to write the code again from scratch. Hence, Flutter is the most preferred framework for MVP creation. Flutter allows developers to build apps that look like native apps, The app can be tested with the target audience and then identify whether there is a need to develop a native app.

Incredible Widgets

Flutter offers a wide array of widgets which makes the entire process of adding functionalities to your app easier.
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Services offered for Flutter App Development

Consulting Services in Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, India

Flutter App Consulting

Flutter App Development has emerged as a scalable framework from a use case and maturity point of view. We are a leading Flutter App Development Company that can assist you to bring your Flutter app idea into reality with the Flutter framework. We offer necessary guidance right from the beginning so that your project heads in the correct direction. Hence, our Flutter consultants assess your current business model and plan custom Flutter Apps to let you see the much-needed change in your business setup.

Flutter App Integration

With our vast experience in Flutter Development, we help you scale your Flutter App with multiple integrations to meet your specific business needs.

These integrations include

Flutter App Integration development services in India
Flutter App Development for iOS & Android

Flutter App Development for iOS & Android

Our team of developers holds practical experience with Android and iOS. It helps them work effortlessly on Flutter projects, and take informed decisions while choosing the functionalities with Flutter or native platforms. The vast experience helps the developers deliver Flutter-based apps that allow businesses to excel.

Flutter For Mobile App Development

Flutter is a free-to-use framework for web & mobile app SDK that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. We help create feature-packed apps using Flutter for web, mobile, and desktop with a single codebase. We adopt a comprehensive strategy to design unique and elegant mobile and web-based market-ready apps for your business.

Cross-Platform App Development

Our talented Flutter App developers create exceptional cross-platform apps that work on multiple devices seamlessly and help you save time and money. We let you adopt and execute a successful mobile strategy by creating efficient cross-platform mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

Flutter App Migration

Flutter App Migration

A huge network of USA, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India and Egypt clients trusts us for creating cross platform-applications. We assist you with the successful migration of Android and iOS apps with Flutter. Our skilled team of Flutter Android App developers specializes in shifting your current apps over different operating systems and platforms.

Flutter App Design

Flutter App Design Services

Flutter App Development helps deploy applications that are powerful and faster to design. We assist you to design Flutter Apps that are easy to maintain and navigate thereby offering a delightful experience to the users with impressive UI and flawless UX.

Flutter- App Widget Development

Widget Development

We use an array of extensible widgets available in Flutter to create responsive and highly engaging apps for iOS and Android. Flutter offers customizable widgets that can be used to create flexible and robust UI. Our app developers use Flutter widgets and code Dart, to provide cross-platform compatibility of apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Flutter App Upgrade

Flutter App Upgrade

We can let you migrate to the newest version of Flutter seamlessly. It will offer security upgrades and better performance.

Flutter Hire Developer

Hire Flutter Developer

We structure your business by leveraging Flutter App Development to build next-gen mobile applications. Hire Flutter App Developer to get multi-platform apps with elegant UI, flawless animations, and agile performance.

Enterprise Mobile App Solution

With the help of expert Flutter App developers, we build robust, scalable, and highly interactive mobile apps for large enterprises. Flutter-based apps offer you high-performing mobile apps compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. We design enterprise mobile apps that help workers and employees of an enterprise to manage a structured workflow.

Why Choose us
Flutter App Development?

Why choose us Flutter App Development?

One-Stop Solution for Flutter

Brainstream, helps small to big enterprises build a premium cross-platform app to boost process management and automation. We are a one-stop solution for all Flutter App Development services. We are a renowned IT company in India that offers mobile app solutions based on Flutter to help scale your business.

Professionals with Proven Experience

We are a team of tech professionals having extensive knowledge of Flutter App Development. Hence, we offer an array of services like cross-platform app development, Flutter App design, Flutter App upgrade, and many more. We aim to offer Flutter App Development solutions that allow businesses to attain profitability in the long run.

Continuous Maintenance and Support

We are always with you to keep your Flutter Apps up and running. Hence, we offer continuous maintenance and support services to our dubai, qatar clients. Every project that our clients assign us is allotted to an experienced Flutter developer so that they can leverage our expertise. We follow a structured development process, wherein both clients and developers work closely to attain the desired results.


It is based on a programming language called Dart and is free to use, a cross-platform app development framework designed and launched by Google. Flutter helps build iOS and Android Apps using a single code base to give you a native app-like experience and performance.
Yes. Flutter is amongst the popular app development frameworks having all the components to create powerful mobile apps within less time.
Certainly. It is possible to migrate your current business app to Flutter without making any changes to it. It is easy to move your native app to Flutter embedding Flutter as a library or a module.

Well, the cost of a Flutter App depends on various factors like app features, complexity, maintenance, app design, integrations, etc. Still, building a Flutter-based mobile app would cost nearly half the price of building a small application with standard features natively.

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